Alberta Health Care

Alberta health care insurance plan:   When arriving in Alberta one of the first things you should do is apply … [Read More]

cute brunette in medical gown  and a stethoscope in an hospital

Income Tax

When you come to Canada you do have to file a yearly income tax return.  It is under the Income Tax Act that you file a … [Read More]


Trade Certification for plumbers

Some info here direct from the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials…  This piece is the one … [Read More]

Simon wearing plumbing tape

What To Do In Calgary During Winter

-20c? -30? believe it or not Calgary in the winter can offer some incredible activities for you and your family. Winter … [Read More]


2014 Immigration Levels

Notice – Supplementary Information to the 2014 immigration levels plan News from Citizenship and Immigration … [Read More]

Reasons to Migrate to Canada

Federal skilled workers

Have your education assessed – Federal skilled workers News from Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Starting … [Read More]

The Brits Guide to Moving to Calgary: Losing And Reacquiring The Immigrant Status