Are there many Brits in Calgary?

So, are there many Brits in Calgary?


The short answer is yes-but of course the number is changing all the time. Many come here on work permits and stay for as long as their work permit allows, others plan way before they get here and apply for Landed Immigrant status before they come, as they want to leave Britain and become part of the Canadian system straight away. Others (like my self)- do a mixture of both- find a job, go through the process of getting a work permit, and then after having a ‘taste’ of ‘life’ in Canada, decide to stay and apply for Landed Immigrant status while here. I have met many many Brits, in Calgary and surrounding areas, such as Okotoks, Cochrane, Chestermere, Airdrie etc.
There are many that have been here for 20, 30 + years- and still keep their great British accents, others who moved here when they are small- but still have British parents and of course plenty of new faces arriving all the time.
I would just like to do a ‘plug’ for a great social set up, called ‘Meet Up’, where there is a group called The Calgary British Expats Meets Up at,

Here is a excerpt of what it is about:

‘Whatever your age and no matter how long you have been in Calgary, come and make some new friends, crack some good old British jokes and have a few beers.’

Meetings are informal, and can really include anything, from dance lessons, pub quizzes, and some family outings, eg trip to the zoo, breakfast at Heritage Park , and some day time coffee meet ups and book club.

Just a chance for a meet up, meet some new faces, natter and a have a laugh really. So how much you wish to get involved….. is entirely up to you.

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