How to Cope With the Cold Weather in Canada

How do Brits cope with the cold weather in Canada? I’ve just seen its minus 28. Can’t imagine that type of cold. Do things carry on as normal or do things stop etc?

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Great question,  so I know it ‘sounds’ unimaginable  the cold weather in Canada is really not as bad as it seems it is not too bad for several reasons:

1) Here in Calgary it’s a ‘dry’ cold and so as long as you have your extremities covered up-usually it is quite tolerable for short periods of time!

2) A lot of homes/apartments have garages- so you can choose not to be exposed if you have a car eg, house to car, then a lot of work places/shopping centres etc have indoor car parks.

3) If you work downtown- then they have a ‘unique’ indoor pathway above ground that links all the office blocks together (its called the + 15) 4) Even when the snow comes typically every one is ‘fairly’ prepared (although if it comes over night unexpected- the first morning can be a bit of ‘gong show’- but after that the roads get cleared and everyone carrys on).

Life stays pretty normal, with work, school etc- but if is -20 (or below) then kids don’t go out to play- otherwise they carry on with snow pants/hats gloves etc.

Also- there is so much ‘to do’ during the winter months, ice-skating, skiing, sledging, snow shoeing to name but a few- I lived in the Middle East (U.A.E ) for 3 years, and having lived with small kids there and now here, I can honestly say that the extreme winters here are MUCH ‘easier’ to cope with than the pounding heat of 40+ with 98% humidity. Here you can at least bundle up, and go out and enjoy… IF you want to………

Also on another note, Calgary/area is quite unique as we have ‘Chinooks’ which basically is a ‘warmer’ weather front/wind that comes in ‘warms’ everything up from time to time over the winter, so the really cold snaps generally only last from a few days to few weeks max. I have been here when it has gone form -35 to +15 in a matter of days- crazy really!

Also Calgary/Alberta is famous for its ‘blue skies’- and it really is quite stunning to see the snow covered Rockies in the distance against a brilliant blue sky…..THAT of course is my opinion- I guess not everyone feels the same about how they cope with cold waether in Canada,  but its how you ‘embrace’/choose to live it and note I do love the sun/warmth as much as anyone- but I guess what I am saying is that equally I love the diversity and different things that each season brings (the summers are quite hot too- with tons of out door opportunites- but that is a whole other subject!)

Cheers- and again any other questions, feel free to ask!

Mel McCartney

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