How to prove your credit rating when you are new to Canada

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Here are the directions- from a great mortage broker , about how to pull your ‘credit bureau’ ¬†from the UK, as this is a great way to prove your credit rating when you are new to Canada.

How to pull credit bureau from – UNITED KINGDOM


The UK Equifax will not allow for Canadian Equifax to pull credit bureau directly from the UK database so the UK client has to do it himself by:

Go to: www.Equifax.CO.UK – get the one you have to pay for (the free one would have to be mailed directly to an address in UK) and the one you pay for is emailed to you directly and instantly. It costs approx. 15-16 GBP and you must have current UK credit card to pay for it.

Note that Equifax may ask questions such as dates when credit cards have been issued or when mortgage in UK was obtained in order to confirm identity. To avoid delays in obtaining your credit report, please review this information before calling.

If having trouble please call the consumer bureau in Ireland at:


(They can also mail the credit bureau from this end but if doing it this way, it can take up to months to receive.)




- Gabrielle Thome

For more information please call:

Gabrielle Thome, Benefit Mortgage Brokers Corp. ph; (403) 453-0275 or or visit

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