Foods we love and miss- the Jaffa Cake Challenge

Jaffa Cakes! Living in Canada is really great- but invariably there are always some foods

Jaffa Cake carefully cut in half. Photo taken ...

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from the UK (or around the world!!) that we all miss. So I will be doing series of articles based on foods and what Brit foods you can get here and also some suggested substitutes.One of those, that I hear from tons of people are Jaffa cakes! There are a number of Brit ‘speciality’ stores in Calgary , that typically sell Jaffa Cakes, but of course as you would expect that come at a premium (but am sure most of us would say they are  worth it). The Brit ‘speciality stores that I know of are currently in Mckenzie Towne, called ‘Jolly Goods’ , one in North West the British pantry and then one in Eau Claire Mall and Market Mall, called Good taste of Britain, (but if anyone know of any other/where else that sellls Jaffa cakes- PLEASE let me know!)

HOWEVER, for those willing to try something a little different, and more ‘readily accessible’ when you do your general food shopping, there is another brand we have found VERY similar to Jaffa Cakes- with that lovely ‘orangey’ bit in the middle- but the chocolate is darker. These are LU- (brand) called Pims (not related to the drink!!) and you can find them in the biscuit section of The Real Canadian Superstore (and probably the Co-Op and Safeway).
These are REALLY lovely, very similar to Jaffa Cakes,  and in fact  our family actually prefer these now- so I encourage you, to take the Jaffa Cake /Pim’s challenge !!


While you are there- check out the Penguins and a few other of the President Choice  brand biscuits- all made in England !!!

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