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Calgary has many parks to enjoy and I will be focusing on of these over time, but for this one I want to focus on dog parks and some of Calgary’s dog owner bylaws. Calgary’s bylaw states that all dogs are to be leashed when they are not on the owners property, unless you are at one of the 149 (current as of Nov 2011)  Calgary ‘off leash’ areas, which are usually clearly signed.

You can go to this web link for info on these and up to date info direct form The City of Calgary

Another thing to note is that on ALL pathways (even pathways in ‘off leash areas’ ) dogs still have to be on a leash if you are on the pathway. However, there is one place in Southland Natural  Area where dogs can be off leash in any area of the Park .
When using the off leash areas there are still some rules to observe:
Must maintain control of their pets and that pets obey their simple commands, be courteous to other dogs and pet owners, respect all wildlife and prevent dogs from chasing wildlife.
Also another big rule, which goes for the off leash areas and ALL public areas is picking up poop,  and dropping poop bags in the garbage can where provided- or take home. Failure to do this can result in a $250 fine (current 2011).
However, from my own observation, I am not sure that the fine is the biggest deterrent, as I generally  find that most dog owners here are very respectful and conscientious that there dogs don’t leave any unsanitary ‘parcels’  to surprise the general public and this is just another reason that makes Calgary so  clean and great  for all to enjoy.

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