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One of our great traditions- the great British Breakfast- but where can you find The Great British Breakfast in Calgary?

Well I have yet to find a place where you can get a true traditional /full works English/British breakfast, (but if anyone knows of any where- feel free to share ).

Of course there are a few places that do a good breakfast- but because they all use either the streaky bacon or the ‘Canadian back bacon’ (seems just like ham to me!) you can’t get a ‘true’ English/British breakfast. So we resort to ‘DIY’ but for that of course you need to know where to get the ‘real’ stuff.

I know of one great butcher shop, Scottish I believe, MacEwans down in the SW on elbow drive and also they supply to the Brit shops here I think too, such as Jolly Goods in Mckenzie Towne, the British Pantry on Northland Drive, NW,  The Scottish Shoppe and the 2 ‘Good taste of Britain’ shops – one in Eau Claire and one in Market Mall in NW.

However if you are in the super market and want to grab some good stuff for a decent breaky, I highly recommend Real Canadian Superstore where you can can get ‘real’ Wiltshire Bacon,  and this is the nearest to real bacon we have found. Also while you are there look for the ‘Bangers’ in the sausage department, labelled,’English Bangers’ these are quite authentic too, but sell out pretty quickly!!

At one time you could get Black Pudding (blood sausage it was called) in C0-op, but I have not seen this for a number of years. Again-a  butcher is your best bet for that. Mushrooms of course pretty easy- no particular preferences, and then it comes to beans. In our family we have remained particularly partial to British Heinz baked beans, and although they sell Heinz here,   they are just not the ‘same’ . I know many people still use them, and a good tip is the ‘no-name’ beans (in yellow label) at The Real Canadian Superstore. But for those of you who remain partial to the authentic Brit Heinz beans, we have to suck it up and be prepared to buy them at the Brit shops, approx $3+ per tin (but for us- it is worth it)- or convince your net set of visitors to bring you a 4 pack- mind you- it does tend to raise a few eyebrows!!

Tea- well I will leave that for another discussion-another day. So there you go- we have resorted to making our own good old Breat British Breakfast when we are in Calgary/ get the chance…. and  certainly really enjoy it when we do.

BUT if you DO know of any where in Calgary or surrounding area’s that does a good version- please let us know and we can try it out and spread the word.

English sauages( bangers ) in CalgaryCheers and all the best, Happy Frying!!

Real English Bacon-in Canada

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