Welcome to Brits in Calgary and surrounding areas!

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Welcome to Brits in Calgary (and surrounding areas ).


This website is being developed as resource for Brits planning to move to Calgary, for those new to Calgary, and of course for those who have been here a while, but just want an update on some info.
We plan to cover all topics such as finances in Canada, what to do in Calgary and day trips, social events, finding a rental, buying a home, how to choose where you want to live, transport, finding a school etc- and some light-hearted stuff like where to find our British comfort foods, and a ‘dictionary’ of Canadian words and phrased – and how they translate into British meanings….. (there are some words and phrases perfectly ‘fine’ in Brit terms- but with a different meaning in Canadian terms!!)
The content development will be a work in progress- and open to suggestions, so if you have specific questions not yet covered- feel free to send a message/leave a comment and one of our experts will try and address it.

Also, if you are a Brit, with a business or service, or if you work with a lot of Brits, and if you have some hints, tips or general info you would like to share /think relevant, then please don’t hesitate to contact me, and we can work out an article and advertising for you.

Note all the local experts we use for the articles , will have their names / contact details at the bottom of the article, and will also be listed in the local services.

It would be great to build a good network of services/reference for our users to go to.
So welcome to this new website- for Brits in Calgary (and surrounding areas)  and we look forward to being of some help to you, one way or another.



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