Why Emigrate to Canada? Top 5 Reasons

Canada is a country found in North America that consists of ten provinces with three territories, and it is considered as the second largest country in the world. Though it is the second largest country, its population rate is still considered to be one of the lowest in the world. This fact, however, doesn’t stop Canada from flourishing and becoming one of the best places to live in. That is why immigration to Canada been very popular and for a good reason. Here are the top 5 reasons: why emigrate to Canada.


The main reason as to why emigrate to Canada is because of the economy. The economy of Canada is so advanced; thus, most of its citizens enjoy a high quality of life based on world standards. Canada is highly incorporated into the global market through trade, with more than 30% of its GDP completely dedicated to export. Canada is considered to have the lowest debt in the G-8 economic partnership of industrialized nations. The labor and employment ratio in Canada is one of the highest in the world, which can be very convenient for immigrants, citizens and permanent residents


Healthcare in Canada is one the best in the world as well. Canada provides its citizens and permanent residents the needed healthcare without considering their income level. Most provinces in Canada provide healthcare free of charge since the healthcare system is funded mostly by the government and private companies. Senior citizens avail pharmaceutical products for free. There is also an extensive social security that provides for unemployment insurance, senior citizen pension and family allowance.


The educational system in Canada is highly advertized internationally. Canada offers free primary and secondary education and college education is funded. Canada specializes and spends more on education compared to other nations. Universities and Colleges in Canada have great reputation internationally due to the high quality of their graduates.


Culture in Canada is one of the most diverse in the world. The population in Canada is composed of residents from all walks of life. The immigration rate in Canada is also one of the highest in the world and it is no mystery why the culture is so diverse. Majority of the population is of European ancestry, but a minority of Asian and Slavic descents are also noticeable.

Crime Rate

Crime rate in Canada is one of the world’s lowest. Compared to its neighboring countries, Canada’s crime record is significantly lower. This may be the result of the countrywide gun laws, fair justice system and community policing. This would make Canada safe and secure for its residents.

Why emigrate to Canada? These are some of the reasons why. The climate in Canada may mostly be bitter winter but that can’t stop anyone from enjoying the benefits of migrating to this great country. Canada is one of the oldest and best destinations for immigration for some time now. Overall, Canada can provide any immigrant with a bright future due to its healthcare system, quality education, low crime rate, diverse culture and most of all a great economy.

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