What To Do In Calgary During Winter

Two rabbits in the snow-20c? -30? believe it or not Calgary in the winter can offer some incredible activities for you and your family. Winter is not a season to take lightly and yes it can be very cold and miserable if you are not prepared for the elements. If this is your first time experiencing winter here you will need to buy warm clothes and dress in layers. A typical day out in the winter at -20 degrees Celsius would mean you would require warm footwear (boots), snow pants and/or thermal underwear, two or three layers to protect your body (shirt, sweater, and jacket), a warm hat, and gloves or mittens.

For those who are not familiar with  Calgary it is a city that is located on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 1100 metres (3500 feet) in southern Alberta. It’s northern  location and elevation affects the climate to a large degree. The winters here are very long and snow generally falls from October to May. Being on the eastern side of the mountains causes Calgary to be very dry, and the winters usually have less snow when compared to other parts of Canada. One amazing fact of the climate in Calgary are the Chinooks: These are warm winds that blow out of the Rockies that can cause a mid-winter day to warm up 30 degrees very suddenly. It breaks up the winter and this is unique to anywhere else in Canada. Variability is the key to understanding the climate in Calgary so be prepared.

Wondering what to do in Calgary during the winter? There are many fun activities you and your family can do while enjoying the winter. Among the activities you can include in your what to do in Calgary list are;

Sports Events - Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada with the Calgary Flames being the professional team located in the city and the Calgary hitmen are the junior team.  For ticket information to see the Calgary Flames: http://flames.nhl.com/ and for the Calgary hitmen: http://www.hitmenhockey.com. Also unlike soccer where the fans are separated, the fans all sit together at these events.

Skating, Skiing & Sledding Activities – Downhill skiing and snowboarding are fun activities with 4 major ski resorts within 1 to 2 hours driving distance from Calgary that include (Nakiska, Sunshine, Mt. Norquay, Lake Louise), and one smaller hill in Calgary (Canada Olympic Park – COP). Nakiska is a great hill to learn how to ski because it has a large beginner area, and COP is convenient and a good learners hill. Mt. Norquay also has tubing, which is a fun-filled experience riding down a hill in a rubber tube. Cross country skiing is another option and is available in the city at COP and many of the city’s parks.  Within 3 hours of driving you have world renowned resorts of kicking horse, Fernie and Panorama. Snow shoeing is an activity that is fun and has been present in Canada for hundreds of years. Kids also enjoy tobogganing (using a sledge) to slide down many local hills in the city. Ice skating is also available (indoor and outdoor) throughout Calgary. That is another great advantage if you live in a lake community (ask me) as they offer a lot of these activities.


Festivals and Activities

The Calgary Zoo has zoo lights during from the end of November to the start of January and features hot chocolate, fire pits, children’s activities and the display of 1.5 million twinkling lights. Santa also makes an appearance during Christmas.

The Calgary winter festival is an 11-day festival is held in early February to commemorate the 1988 Winter Olympics and all other winter activities. Music, entertainment, sports competitions, carnivals and children’s activities can all be found at the Calgary Winter Festival.

Calgary is an interesting and exciting city to visit all year round. It is packed with activities and events that will surely create memorable experience for your family and friends.

What to do in Calgary

cow tower (a simple look at things)

Calgary is situated in the foothills and prairies just east of the beautiful renowned Rocky Mountains. There are so many wonderful opportunities for both indoor and outdoor fun in and around Calgary. Whether you enjoy strolling around the many pathways/parks in Calgary to skiing or golfing there is so much you can do to explore this beautiful city,  here is a list of some of the Calgary attractions:

Calgary tower:

Is a 191-metre free standing observation tower located in the heart of the downtown core which offers a 360 panoramic view of the city. It also has a glass bottom floor for all the thrill seekers and for a bird’s eye view to the street below. You also have the option to dine in one of the two restaurants they have.

Calgary Zoo:

The Calgary zoo is the 2nd largest zoo in Canada, located east of the city’s downtown. See over 1000 animals, botanical gardens and prehistoric dinosaur park. Experience the animals in their different exhibits in their most natural habitat possible. Note they offer different seasonal activities throughout the year, check their website for more information.

Telus Spark Science Centre:

The Telus World of Science is a brand new science museum located right next to the Calgary Zoo. It is a beautiful building which invites people of all ages to explore and learn through their different interactive exhibits, programs and educational presentations.

Devonian Gardens:

Is a large indoor botanical garden located in the downtown core shopping centre. It has over 10,000 shrubs and 550 trees to create this beautiful park. It offers ponds with water features and fish, seating all around and a children’s playground.

Heritage Park:

Heritage park is a historical village located on 127 acres of parkland on the banks of the Glenmore Reservoir along Calgary’s southwestern edge. As Canada’s largest living history museum by number of exhibits, it is one of the city’s most visited tourist attractions. It is mainly closed throughout the winter but does offer activities during Halloween and Christmas, check their website for more details.

Prince’s Island Park:

Prince’s Island Park has been recognized as an urban oasis and is an important contributor to the cultural and recreational quality of life for Calgarian’s. This is a beautiful park in downtown Calgary that holds many large events throughout the year including the Canada Day celebration and Calgary Folk Festival. It features picnic areas, playground, canoe access to the river, pathway and hiking trails and flower gardens. The Bow river pathway is accessible from the park on both sides of the Bow river and spans a total of 48km throughout the city.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary:

Is a wildlife reserve that is home to almost 270 species of birds, located along the bow river in SE Calgary and boasts numerous nature trails and on-site Nature Centre for exhibits and information on the sanctuary. There is no entrance fee and is open throughout the year. The best time to visit this sanctuary is during the summer and spring.

Calaway Park:

Calaway Park is Western Canada’s largest outdoor family amusement park. The park is located 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) west of the city of Calgary on the Trans-Canada Highway. The park features a variety of rides including a large log flume, the rides Chaos and Storm, and the park’s two biggest attractions is The Vortex and the Dream Machine. There are many other rides that are unique to the park.



For the shopaholic, Calgary has plenty to offer and there are several shopping malls and districts to choose from around the city. For shopping malls you have a choice of:

  • CrossIron Mills
  • Chinook Centre
  • The Core
  • Southcentre Mall
  • North hill Centre
  • Deerfoot Mall
  • Sunridge Mall
  • Market Mall

There are still plenty of  places to visit in Calgary and this list is just a simple overview of what to do in Calgary. If you have any specific questions please feel free to email or call me at:



Tips On Finding A Job In Calgary

Employment Opportunities

Resume And  Cover Application Letter

A resume and cover application letter is the first thing that companies would require when you are applying for jobs in Canada. Make sure your resume is up to date, emphasize experiential qualifications, academic qualification and qualifications that have relationships with the job. This will draw attention and focus on your best asset and best qualifications as an applicant.

Tips on writing a resume:



Having contacts and networking is a great way of getting in the front door of some companies. Recruitment specialists are also another option. Linkedin is a great resource to connect with other people and finding jobs. If you are looking for a job in Calgary, here is a list of different websites advertising jobs:


  • Monster.ca
  • workopolis.com
  • Calgary Herald
  • wowjobs
  • City of calgary
  • Calgaryjobshop.ca
  • kijiji

Here is a list of some of the recruiters that I know and have worked with:

Hays Specialist recruitment
Ellisa Nuttall
Joy Cohen, BPA, RPR, Staffing Solutions Specialist
Tech Skills Resources
Toll Free in Canada: 1-877-939-0997
E: joy@techskills.ie
W: www.techskills.ie
Kerry Muenchrath
Technical Recruiter at CDI Professional Services


Experience and Education 

Your British qualifications may not be recognized or equivalent here depending on your chosen
profession. You may have to re-qualify or update your qualifications. To work in Canada, you will need
to have your credentials assessed to see whether they meet Canadian standards or whether you need
more training, education or Canadian work experience.
For more information on your credentials:

If you are not in Canada yet, make sure you bring you bring with you: any documents you can produce that prove your educational
record, professional training and work experience, i.e.

  • Degrees, diplomas or certificates from universities, colleges, secondary schools or trade schools
  • Program descriptions or syllabi related to your studies; transcripts of grades
  • Letters of reference from former employers


 Practice The Interview

To boost confidence, formulate possible questions and create good answers,  good research about the job is vital. The knowledge and experience of applicants about the job is vital in Canada. By doing so, you will have a greater chances of landing your chosen job.


Be presentable During The Interview

 Being presentable and looking modest is essential in Canada, which reflect politeness and respect. The applicant should come to the appointment in reasonable and decent clothing unless the job indicates otherwise.

Why Emigrate to Canada? Top 5 Reasons

Canada is a country found in North America that consists of ten provinces with three territories, and it is considered as the second largest country in the world. Though it is the second largest country, its population rate is still considered to be one of the lowest in the world. This fact, however, doesn’t stop Canada from flourishing and becoming one of the best places to live in. That is why immigration to Canada been very popular and for a good reason. Here are the top 5 reasons: why emigrate to Canada.


The main reason as to why emigrate to Canada is because of the economy. The economy of Canada is so advanced; thus, most of its citizens enjoy a high quality of life based on world standards. Canada is highly incorporated into the global market through trade, with more than 30% of its GDP completely dedicated to export. Canada is considered to have the lowest debt in the G-8 economic partnership of industrialized nations. The labor and employment ratio in Canada is one of the highest in the world, which can be very convenient for immigrants, citizens and permanent residents


Healthcare in Canada is one the best in the world as well. Canada provides its citizens and permanent residents the needed healthcare without considering their income level. Most provinces in Canada provide healthcare free of charge since the healthcare system is funded mostly by the government and private companies. Senior citizens avail pharmaceutical products for free. There is also an extensive social security that provides for unemployment insurance, senior citizen pension and family allowance.


The educational system in Canada is highly advertized internationally. Canada offers free primary and secondary education and college education is funded. Canada specializes and spends more on education compared to other nations. Universities and Colleges in Canada have great reputation internationally due to the high quality of their graduates.


Culture in Canada is one of the most diverse in the world. The population in Canada is composed of residents from all walks of life. The immigration rate in Canada is also one of the highest in the world and it is no mystery why the culture is so diverse. Majority of the population is of European ancestry, but a minority of Asian and Slavic descents are also noticeable.

Crime Rate

Crime rate in Canada is one of the world’s lowest. Compared to its neighboring countries, Canada’s crime record is significantly lower. This may be the result of the countrywide gun laws, fair justice system and community policing. This would make Canada safe and secure for its residents.

Why emigrate to Canada? These are some of the reasons why. The climate in Canada may mostly be bitter winter but that can’t stop anyone from enjoying the benefits of migrating to this great country. Canada is one of the oldest and best destinations for immigration for some time now. Overall, Canada can provide any immigrant with a bright future due to its healthcare system, quality education, low crime rate, diverse culture and most of all a great economy.